As a  compassionate being, nutritionist, food lover and life time student of health I have something to say about our latest food trends.

I love the new low carb high fat movement and I am aware that many wonderful Teachers and Nutritionists out there are focusing on Conscious Consuming. As a responsible global citizen,  animal lover and a compassionate human being, I find it challenging to see the campaign to eating meat, fish, dairy and eggs every day in large amounts.  Yes I know that it works wonders for our looks and weight so it makes sense on many levels. So what is my issue you may wonder??. ANIMAL PRODUCTION… Guys do you know what is happening behind the scenes in the meat/dairy industry? I will not go into details but I really hope you will take a moment to reflect….

Do the cows/pigs/chickens have a good life in conventional farming?

What are they eating? GMO?

Where do all the roosters go when only the hens lay eggs?

What happens to the calves who were supposed to drink the milk we are consuming?

What happens in our oceans? Are fish safe to eat? why are some extinct?

……. Ok now we have reflected… Something is not right…  Do you agree??

If you have any opportunity to buy meat from an organic, “animal friendly” farm from grass fed animals you are doing great. If you don’t have this option: DON’T EAT MEAT!!! for me there is no option here.

My intuition tells me to be aware: is someone manipulating us to  keep all the meat/dairy/fish/animal productions alive. Identical with many years where we kept the wheat, potato etc farmers going…  I don’t know. I would love to hear your thought on this.

The Raw Food diet is luckily also a very popular movement to follow with lots of protein and good stuff too, lets merge it all with awareness and make good choices for our health, all animals and their health and our planet.

Please join me in conscious consuming and lets make this world a better place one step at a time…. Let us enjoy our food knowing that we are making good choices – every day.