Some 15 years ago I met this wonderful Yogi Monk (wearing orange ropes and all), someone who took me in as his student. He taught me all about dedication and devotion to my daily practice and my sense of self discipline was developed like a true Yogini.

I refrained from all stimulants for years (I like to believe) and loved living like this. He guided me to my spiritual journey to India where I trained to become a Yoga teacher and where I did my first Vipassana (with Goenkaji himself – followed by my training with Dalai Lama- Wow). I had been searching for this Guru all over the world and I bumped into him in Copenhagen!!!

One day this wonderful Monk asked me if I would marry him, we could continue our amazing practice together and he could live a life in a home rather than in an Ashram. Having been a wild child most of my life I couldn’t quite get to terms with the thought. I wanted to marry him because I wanted to live this healthy life with someone who understood the power of the present. Yet I knew I couldn’t so we remained teacher/student/friends.

He was my greatest teacher ever… I have a really warm place for him and his beautiful family of 4 in my heart. I am so so grateful for the teachings and I am so grateful that people now consult me to share these teachings..