The PERFECT BODY IMAGE Theme of the month. I am 44 years of age and I am relatively fit (always a slight setback during Winter). I eat mostly super healthy foods (because I love nourishment), I exercise moderately (would love to exercise more for my vitality not for my vanity) and I always aim to maintain a positive mindset. It has taken me a long time to learn to love and accept my body and myself fully but luckily due to an intensive yoga and meditation practice I succeeded many years ago to connect with this real love and the level of self- love gets deeper every day.

Like most Women and Men, I was slightly obsessed with trying to fit the perfect body image in my teens and 20’s. I have starved myself, I have overeaten, I have been on strict diets and fasts and lived on carrots and almonds for several weeks. Only when I started practicing gratitude for a healthy and well-functioning body I learned that the body falls into place when its being loved and accepted. As when we are at ease with our bodies we want to treat it well, eat well, have a healthy sex-life, work out and feeling happy is a side effect of that.

The other day I saw an old friend in LA he asked me how I could be a nutritionist when I am so fat and he continued asking how I could coach others when I am not perfect. Well, he made me smile. I felt so at ease with my body and the person I have become and with the wonderful (and less wonderful) life experiences I have, intensive training and a developed consciousness I am able to guide people to love themselves at a deeper level. I am surfing the ups and downs of life with a healthy level of trust and I accept the growing process. I am transparent and have tried more that most people twice my age. I feel so connected to sharing with others so that we can all lift our energy and live our lives fully.

I am sad that he found it necessary to impose his perfect body image on others. But luckily it was me. Had it been the skinny 20-year-old young Goddess (who actually fits the fashion magazines perfect body image) who came to see me the other day asking me for a nutritional advice as she wanted to lose weight I am not sure she would have coped. This girl is so beautiful. She doesn’t know it, luckily, she is receptive of understanding the power of self-love and her uniqueness. Although she is a victim of perfectionism there is hope for this girl and her generation. I challenge her and everyone else to be the leader of the self-love movement. The trendsetter who leads the way out there and conquers the world whilst sharing the message of filling up the soul with nourishment and interesting experiences rather than comparing with the other frustrated souls who has the skinniest waistline. I am on a mission to share my self-love techniques with her so she can live her life fully and enjoy and utilize her beauty to be joyful, healthy and change the world with all her potential.

These and many other events in the past weeks are reminding me that there are too many people out there who are struggling with a sad body image problem causing depression, isolation and even worse conditions. I am on a mission to help change this trend that has been around forever.

We are all unique and only by loving ourselves can we contribute to this world in a positive way. Each and everyone of us here on Earth have a unique purpose and we can’t waste it disliking ourselves.

Remember you are perfect exactly as you are!!!