Since my early Youth I have been interested in exploring the Human potential, the World, spirituality, self development, physical & mental health.
Since 2000 I have worked intensively with spirituality and health through Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Heal Your Life Workshops, Coaching & Massage .

My Mission

My mission is to help others unfold their full potential whilst embracing the process of change. Moving from fear to love and only making decisions that are right for each individual. To optimize ones health and wealth by being aligned with your calling.
Focusing on maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind whilst connecting with deeper layers of trust.

Yoga Therapist

Trough my intensive yoga/meditation training with my Monk Mentor Jiiveshananda I learned the basics of Yoga and the importance of discipline which led me to do an intensive Iyengar Yoga teacher training in India. Later on I did intensive training with Iris Schneider and Kirsten Breland in Copenhagen among other great teachers. I value the powerful basics of Hatha Yoga going deep in the poses and developing a relaxing body/mind aligning practice. I am a great fan of the 5 Tibetans which I often use for a powerful alignment in my therapies.

Massage Therapist and Body Worker

In my massages my main purpose as a therapist is to focus on the relaxation of my clients. Once relaxed I can work in the deeper layers of muscles and tissues. Complemented with my meridian knowledge to release certain areas. I mostly use oils and offer an intuitive combination of techniques based on training in Thai Massage, Yoga, Healing, Ayurvedic massage, my brief Acupuncture training, traditional Balinese massage and Swedish massage.

Trained Nutritionist & Detox Consultant

My professional Health journey started as a Nutritionist as I learned early on that we are what we eat. I had a desire to learn more and to share with others so they, too, could develop a balanced body, by avoiding too many toxins and by seeing their own body as an engine that needs good fuel.

After spending years abroad and living in South East Asia I learned that through Yoga and Meditation we could develop a healthy foundation to calming the mind and I learned that  -not only- we are what we eat – we are also what we think – which led me to become:

A Certified Heal Your Life Teacher & Coach

Offering workshops and Coaching as certified Heal Your Life Workshop Facilitator & Coach based on the philosophy of Louise L. Hay.

A Globetrotter at heart

I have humbly learned so much about people, psychology, life, myself, the world, nutrition, spirituality and love though my travels. Exploring the World is my main life adventure. To learn about the world and contribute to a deeper understanding of how traveling educates us and bring the world closer.  I am committed to share my insights with anyone who might be longing to travel and learn more.

Some of my Teachers

I trained with:

  • HH Dalai Lama, Mcleod Ganj, India
  • S.N Goenka (Vipassana Meditation), Igatpuri, India
  • Dada Jiiveshananda Yoga, Copenhagen
  • Patricia Crane, Heal Your Life, California, USA
  • Louise L. Hay, USA and many many other amazing teachers.